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Safety goggle

Very light safety googles with transparent frame and bracket - unisex. Suitable for students.

Combines comfort with reliable protection.

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Jigsaw MetalLine Upgrade Set

For the UNIMAT Line series there is a new extension which also is suitable for other pro

The new jigsaw (164080) convinces with features like:


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Drilling Table

table support for:

  • drilling
  • milling
  • grinding 
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Rotary Table

Ẃith 2,5° Scale and fixing screw for accurate adjustement of slides or any other machine components in the desired angle.

diameter 49mm 

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Professional Woodturning Attachment
  • full metal
  • height adjustable
  • distance to workpiece adjustable
  • tool rest 50mm

Details see instructions Professional Woodturning Attachment (art.…

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Machine bed extra long 460mm

Also available in 1000mm (162401)

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Unimat ML Longitudinal Slide 200 mm

Permits positional change of the working tool over a greater range.

Suitable for long wood turning lathe and milling machine. And has an improved…

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Circular Saw complete Set inc.1 Sawblade

Set consists of:

  • table
  • sawblade protection
  • circle sawblade
  • length stop device
  • sawblade adapter
  • mitring fence

Everything can be adjusted precisely by the…

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Milling and Sawing Table

Height adjustable worktable (square 150x200mm) for circle saw, jigsaw and vertical mill.

Precise angle adjustement at the drive side with Rotary…

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Precision Milling Attachment for PowerLine

The Stop is fully made of metal and can be mounted easily.

Therefore the PowerLine now provides a circular saw (also for miter cutting), a…

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