Service Parts

Spare Part Set

Includes connection elements, drivebelt motor ventilator and extra parts such as screws, nuts, T-slots, clamping plate, clamping jaw and more. …

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UNIMAT 1 Service Set

Be prepared for almost all kinds of service, exchanges, upgradings and extendings.

contains art.: 
162 240, 162 250, 162 260, 162 280

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Unimat Spare Part List

Unimat spare parts like belts, screws, connectors, etc incl exact part number can be found in this list.

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PLAYmake service set

incl. 10 saw blades, 10 pcs sanding paper, driver, eccentric, drill bit, etc.

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[801 110]

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Ressource Kit UNIMAT 1 + MetalLine

Ressource package for UNIMAT 1 or MetalLine machines

This material packet includes spare parts for the machine kits.


Sanding discs


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Resource Kit Unimat CNC single

Resource Kit including the most important parts für service and maintenance of Unimat CNC machines

Contains connection elements, drive belt, collet,…

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