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Unimat ML Technics

Mechanical Engineering, TVET

Creating precise work pieces on professional machinery is possible with Unimat MetalLine.

Unimat MetalLine convinces with:

  •     high stability and precision of entire system
  •     tolerances < 0.1mm can be met
  •     metal handwheels with adjustable vernier

For education this means that the modular structure and therefore the configuration options are combined with the possibility of making ambitious models precisely. Work pieces from non-ferrous metals can be processed accurately, gear wheels milled and tapers turned.

Unimat ML Technics Set (160200EDUB)

Includes all parts in all-metal construction to build one out of these machines:

• metal lathe • horizontal milling machine
• vertical drilling/milling machine • woodturning lathe
• center drilling machine • jig saw
• sanding machine • hand drill or hand sander

Incl. safety adaptor 14V/100-240V, precision collets, stabilizing plates, stabilizing angles, tools, precision live centre, steel-vice, tool grinder, wooden base-board with slide stops and 2 micro clamps, wood-working set with metal tool rest, 10 saw blades, safety glasses,
etc. All packed in Storage Box 2, didactic documentation

EDU-Upgrade Technics 2 (160200EDU2)

Addition to Unimat ML Technics (160200EDUB):

second headstock, second motor, dividing attachment, rotary table, gear cutting head, fly cutter, 4 pcs. milling tool set, 5-pcs. HSS turning steel set, 330mm machine bed + 2 connection pieces. To setup a second machine or machine upgrades like:

• gear cutter    
• surface mill
• 5-axes mill  

EDU-Upgrade Technics 3 Power (160200 EDU3)

Addition to Unimat ML Technics (160200EDUB).

NOT childsafe, only under supervision or for vocational training.

Powermotor, reduction set for powermotor, safety adaptor with junction box, circular saw with saw blade, precision milling attachment, profile milling head set, professional woodturning attachment, 460mm machine bed with 2 connectors. To setup a second machine or machine upgrades like:

• circular saw   • power jigsaw   • router
• big woodturning lathe    • power mill

Curriculum examples:

Curriculum example Technics I:
German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, for technical education, levels 7-10. S. 23. : "General architecture of machinery, devices; ...block diagram and facilities; ... cogwheel gearing mechanism (symbolic illustrations, models; experiment transmit, allocate reps. deflect rotating movement; change direction and rotational speed)"

Curriculum example Technics II:
German state Saarbrücken, Technology/Technical Mathematics Technical Communication Vocational Basic Education Vocational School - Subject Area Technique Upper Classes Subject Area TM1- Machining "Structure and principle of operation of Milling machines ... Outside and inside turning, lengthwise and crosswise turning with and without feeding ... centering, drilling"