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Makerspace wood

A woodworking workshop for all ages. This set includes machines for every area of woodworking, project ideas/instructions, and comprehensive materials tailored to the makerspace. Child-safe turning, sawing, sanding and drilling - the powerful UNIMAT devices allow beginners and experienced makers to realize shared projects. Exemplary projects such as wind turbines, wooden pens and electric cars are included.
Crafting becomes fun!

What´s included in the kit?

The Makerspace package wood inlcudes, 8 machines for wood working + extensive material and projects

4x woodturning machine

1x sanding machine

2x jigsaw

1x drill press

Makerspace materials

Material package for makerspace projects

Projects and booklets

Projects and booklets for a creative MINT Makerspace

Woodturning machine

4x included

With a center distance of 140 mm and a workpiece diameter of up to 50 mm, this machine offers many possibilities for use. Wood, wax and other round blanks can be easily fixed with the included 3-jaw chuck.



2x included

The powerful jigsaw for plywood, solid wood (up to 7 mm), balsa (up to 20 mm), plastics and thin sheets. No annoying clamping and unclamping of the saw blade when cutting openings.

Grinding machine

1x inlcuded

For the final touch of models and sharpening of tools such as woodturning chisels, carving knives, scissors, etc. It can also be used as a hand grinder for hard-to-reach


Drill press

1x included

Precise guidance of the Z-axis. Equipped with a large metal drilling lever and a return spring for easy and precise drilling in various diameters and materials.

Projects and ideas

Perfect self-made gift for Makerspace DIY lovers?
A creative example is the turned wooden pen. This way, makers can create a personalized gift themselves and let their creativity run wild.



In the makerspace, not only the machines are important, but also the raw materials for the implementation of creative projects. To ensure this, the Makerspace Wood package includes comprehensive materials as well as idea collections for a quick start.

Makerspace package wood

Article number Makerspace Machines Maker-Set
166023 MLE Woodturning machine ML 4
Mandrel penmaker 4
166 020 MLE Jigsaw ML 2
166 021 MLE Sander ML 1
166 025 MLE Drill press ML 1
166 022 ML Metal lathe ML (1 opt)
166 050 ML Vertical mill ML (1 opt)

Makerspace material
163 100 LI3S bass wood 30x90mm 300
163 300 A4S Poplar plywood 300
163 SAP Salt/pepper shaker 40x60mm 150
163 EIB Eggcup 44x60mm 150
163 900 A Penmaker set 150
163 600 PR Pen press 1
163 355 ES Solar models 75
Spare and wearing parts such as saw blades, sandpaper and construction plans are inlcuded
The kit is supplied in impact-resistant storage boxes.