Top Accessories D&T

Penmaker Set for 2 wooden Pens incl. Mandrel

Starter-kit incl. material and parts for 2 pens.

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Assorted basswood/limetree for turning

17 pcs Lime/bass wood Ø 20mm, 7 pcs Lime/bass wood Ø 30mm

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Jig Saw Blades 10 Pcs.

Universal blades for wood, plastics and metal.

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3 Professional Woodturning Gouges

Made from HSS carbon-steel,
consisting of cropping steel,
round steel and common turning gouge 

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Milling Tool Set 3, 4, 5, 6 mm

HSS milling tools for processing wood, metals and plastic 

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HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs.

More technical data you can find in the enclosed flyer

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Solar Models

3 Solar Kit projects

(plywood, motor, solar cell)

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Poplar plywood

This material package includes:

Poplar plywood plates, 4mm thick, 210 x 297 mm

Packing unit 30 pcs.

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CNC-Upgrade Set-4

CNC-Ugrade Package for up to 4 CNC axes

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