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Makerspace CNC

The Makerspace CNC package specifically promotes STEM and MINT skills. With the UNIMAT CNC machines, makers can gain practical experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science and improve their skills in programming CNC turning and milling machines. The slides can be moved manually or by means of stepper motors. The package includes templates and materials for projects.

(article number: 160 MAKE3)


What´s inluded in the kit?

1x metal lathe CNC

1x vertical mill CNC

1x laser engraver with housing

1x CNC rotary table

2x vertical mill

2x metal lathe


Extensive material kit for the MINT makerspace

Projects and booklets

Project and ideas for the STEM oriented makerspace

Metal lathe CNC

1x included

The CNC-controlled version of the UNIMAT lathe. Center
height of 50 mm, center distance of 90 mm, Clamping
range ø 56 mm (65 mm with external clamping)

Vertical mill CNC

1x included

The extended working range [X, Y, Z] of 145, 80, 80 mm,as well as the controlled milling spindle (max. 15,000 rpm),enable professional CNC-controlled work.

Laser engraver with housing

1x included

This vertical CNC milling machine is equipped with a laser module. The safety door of the housing allows for safe operation. With the 5.5 W laser module, materials such as wood, fabric, acrylic, plastics and anodized aluminum can be processed.

CNC rotary table

1x enthalten

As a 4th axis, it can be used with both the CNC vertical milling machine and the laser engraver.


Machines for manual use

More information for the manual metal working machines you can find here.

Metal lathe

2x included





Vertical mill

2x Vertical mill

Projects and ideas

The Makerspace CNC is the combination between computer-aided design and manufacturing of selected components. Complex 3D models can be manufactured via computer control. An example of the CNC milling machine is the production of a building block. This combines STEM applications such as measurement technology, design and computer science with actual manufacturing on the CNC machine. The additional rotary table CNC transforms the 3-axis milling machine into a full-fledged 4-axis milling machine.


Every makerspace with a focus on CNC/metalworking needs the right materials to make the most of the machines. With the included materials, a variety of CNC models can be produced.

Makerspace package CNC:

Article number Makerspace machines Maker-Set
166 022 ML Metal lathe ML 2
166 050 ML Vertical mill ML 2
TCTcont4 4-Axis controller with control software 3
UNI-DREH CNC metal lathe 1
UNI-FRAES3EXT 3-axis mill with speed controlled motorspindle 1
UNI-FRAESLAS 3-axis laser engraver 1
164300CNC 4th axis upgrade for mill and laser 1

Makerspace material
163 300 A4S Poplar plywood 30
166 ALU Aluminum 150
166 FED Spring element 75
166 LEI Wood ledges 75
166 FOAM Milling foam 75
166 PLEX Acrylic 150
Spare and wearing parts such as saw blades, sandpaper, etc are included. as are construction plans
Supplied in impact-resistant storage boxes.