The Makerspace concept from The cool tool


Active and practice-oriented work - STEM activities with the safe and precise
UNIMAT machines.
From simple sawing and turning pieces for beginners and children to CNC-controlled
4-axis milling, the Cool Tool Makerspace offers something for everyone. Due
to the safe machines, large groups can work together, which guarantees great projects
in a short amount of time.


Makerspace packages

Makerspace concept for wood working and crafting

Makerspace - Wood


The safe and innovative
UNIMAT machines take
woodworking to a new
level, enabling turning,
sawing, sanding and drilling
with child-safe machines.
Beginners and experienced
makers of all ages can work
together to realize great
projects in wood.

Makerspace concept for wood and metal working

Makerspace - Wood + Metal

Entry into metalworking with
UNIMAT. This package
enables technical projects
such as turning to size and
milling grooves.
The comprehensive set
includes machines for precise
processing of metal, plastic
and wood.

Makerspace concept for CNC Education

Makerspace - CNC


This Makerspace package
provides an introduction to
the world of CNC “machining”.
The combination with manual
machines for metal, plastic
and wood enables a practical
and technically advanced
Makerspace. The safe and
mobile CNC machines make
the Makerspace even more

UNIMAT machines for your Makerspace

Our UNIMAT machines are excellent for any makerspace because they are compact, versatile and user-friendly. They allow the processing of various materials such as metal, plastic and wood.

This enables the implementation of technical projects of varying difficulty levels suitable for both beginners and experienced makers.

Examples for your Makerspace

Project for the makerspace wood

With our makerspace countless ideas and projects can be realized.

The solar kit included in the package allows for the construction of various models related to solar energy, wind turbines, e-mobility and combines woodworking with mechanics and electronics for a tangible technical understanding.


Project for the makerspace wood + metal

A great application example is milling grooves in wood for finger joints. The precisely produced parts can then be integrated into larger projects. This example teaches technical woodworking in a practical way.

Project for the makerspace CNC


The Makerspace CNC is the combination between computer-aided design and manufacturing of selected components. Complex 3D models can be manufactured via computer control.

Complex turned parts with radius and tapered elements are difficult to produce on conventional lathes. This project demonstrates the advantages of computer-aided manufacturing.



Makerspace package

Article numberMakerspace machinesMaker-Set
wood + metal
166023 MLEWoodturning machine ML4
Mandrel penmaker42
166 020 MLEJigsaw ML21
166 021 MLESander ML11
166 025 MLEDrill press ML11
166 022 MLMetal lathe ML(1 opt)22
166 050 MLVertical mill ML(1 opt)22
TCTcont44-axis controller with control software(1 opt)3
UNI-DREHCNC metal lathe(1 opt)1
UNI-FRAES3EXT3-axis mill with speed controlled motorspindle1
UNI-FRAESLAS3-axis laser engraver1
164300CNC4th axis upgrade for mill and laser1

Makerspace material
163 100 LI3SBass wood300150
163 300 A4SPoplar plywood30015030
163 SAPSalt/pepper shaker15075
163 EIBEggcup15075
163 900 AWooden penmaking set15075
163 600 PRPen press11
163 355 ESSolar models7575
166 ALUAluminum150150
166 FEDSpring element7575
166 LEIWood ledges7575
166 FOAMMilling foam75
166 PLEXAcrylic150
Spare and wearing parts such as blades, sandpaper etc. are included, as are construction plans
Supplied in impact-resistant storage containers.

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