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Makerspace wood + metal

Technical Makerspace for the age group 12+.
The Makerspace Wood + Metal combines machines for metalworking, such as a lathe and milling machine, with woodworking machines. This enables an introduction to technical work with different materials. A combination of these UNIMAT devices allows for great models to be realized, even in large groups. At the same time, technical
knowledge is conveyed. Didactic projects and materials round off the package and offer an exciting and educational Makerspace for beginners and experienced makers - the ideal STEM workshop.


What´s inlcuded?

The makerspace package wood + metall includes 9 machines for metall and woodworking + extensive material and projects

2x metal lathe

2x vertical mill

2x woodturning machine

1x grinding machine

1x jigsaw

1x drill press

Material wood + metal

Projects and booklets

Metal lathe

2x included

Metalworking has never been so safe and easy - with the UNIMAT lathe, aluminum, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals can be processed. The compact design allows for immediate work on the lathe without extensive pre-settings. With a center height of 50 mm, a center distance of 90 mm and a clamping range of up to ø 56 mm (65 mm for external clamping), this lathe offers versatility for small-scale metalworking projects.

Vertical mill

2x included

The UNIMAT Vertical milling machine enables precise milling work with metal, plastic and wood. With three axes adjustable to 0.05 mm for precise work, this machine is suitable for detailed projects. The included milling vice allows for quick and easy fixing of workpieces, while the collets (1-6mm) can clamp various tools. It offers a [X,Y,Z] travel range of 145, 32, 32 mm, allowing for versatility in project size and scope.

Machines for wood working

Detailed information about the wood working machines find under Makerspace - wood

UNIMAT ML woodturning machine

Woodturning machine

2x included

Grinding machine

1x included


1x included

Drill press

1x included

Projects and ideas

The Makerspace Wood + Metal makes it easy to create technical models on your own.and convey mathematical and technical learning content in a user-friendly way


The wide range of included construction plans and materials provides a selection of projects and processing methods with different machines. This allows for versatility in project selection and execution, as well as the opportunity to learn and develop skills with various machines.


Makerspace package wood + metal:

Article number Makerspace machines Maker-Set
wood + metal
166023 MLE woodturning machine ML 2
mandrel penmaker 2
166 020 MLE Jigsaw ML 1
166 021 MLE Grinding machine ML 1
166 025 MLE Drill press ML 1
166 022 ML Metal lathe ML 2
166 050 ML Vertical mill ML 2
TCTcont4 4-axis controller with control software (1 opt)
UNI-DREH CNC metal lathe (1 opt)

Makerspace material
163 100 LI3S Bass wood 150
163 300 A4S Poplar plywood 150
163 SAP Salt/pepper shaker 75
163 EIB Eggcup 75
163 900 A Wooden penmaking set 75
163 600 PR Pen press 1
163 355 ES Solar models 75
166 ALU Aluminium/td> 150
166 FED Spring element 75
166 LEI Wood ledges 75
Spare and wearing parts such as saw blades, sandpaper and construction plans are included
Supplied in impact-resitant storage boxes