Materials & Literature

PLAYmake Penmaker starter set

Starter kit with mandrel plus material and parts for 2 pens.


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Penmaker Set for 2 wooden Pens incl. Mandrel

Starter-kit incl. material and parts for 2 pens.

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Modeling Instruction Book No. 1

Many models and projects with detailed plans from easy to difficult.

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Woodturning and Sawing

Plans, projects and useful hints for woodturning and sawing. Recommended for PLAYmake and UNIMAT beginners.

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Workshop Modeling Book

Plans, projects and useful hints for young PLAYmake and Unimat beginners.

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Poplar Plywood

4 pcs 4mm Plywood in A4 format (210mm x 297mm)

ideal for the projects of the Modeling Books VS1603 and VS1604

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Assorted Wood

Roundshaped workpieces of various kinds of wood for turning - linden, beech, cherry, walnut. Timbers have a center hole for easier…

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Refill Kit for 3 Wooden Pens

Material and parts for 3 pens

Requires starter kit 163600  for Unimat
or 801600 for PLAYmake.

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Solar Models

3 Solar Kit projects

4x Poplar Plywood 210x297x4 mm (~Letter size)

(plywood, motor, solar cell)

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Pen press

The pen press enables the user to work with working pieces the size of 14,6 cm.

Perfect for workshops with our pen sets (163600) and (163700), for…

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