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PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten Set


PLAYmake is a realistic, fully operational crafting system for the youngest Do-It-Yourselfers.

Perfectly child-safe, sawing, wood turning, drilling and sanding become  child's play. Creativity and technical understanding are  encouraged.

Skillful youngsters can produce their first creations as early as their pre-school years.

Safety first!

Safety must be the top priority when working and playing. Our PLAYmake jigsaw is designed so that the skin vibrates with the saw blade and there is no risk of injury. This makes PLAYmake ideal for teaching and workshops.

All PLAYmake machines are designed to be child-safe, so there is no risk of injury. Already from
preschool age (5 years) can make their first workpieces themselves with PLAYmake.

Quality as a feature!

We have been producing machines for over 40 years! Quality and functionality are part of our company philosophy. Our PLAYmake 4in1 mirrors large wooden machines in the way it works. Young craftsmen can give free rein to their creativity and create gifts and toys themselves.

PLAYmake Jig Saw

Jig saw

The child-safe jigsaw makes sawing easy for kids. Its short stroke design ensures children can't get cut using it. 
Fine work, like that done with a coping saw, is quicker and more enjoyable. 

The saw is suitable for plywood up to 6mm and balsa wood up to 20mm, and works especially well with our 4mm poplar plywood.

PLAYmake wood lathe

Wood lathe

The child-safe lathe allows children as young as four years old to independently create projects from softwood. 

This machine is completely safe for children and automatically stops if overloaded.

It not only enables creative projects but also teaches basic technical understanding through the PLAYmake 4in1 lathe. 
Suitable for softwoods up to 30 mm in diameter and 150 mm in length.



PLAYmake sanding machine

Sanding machine

Safe sanding is ideal for giving your own workpieces the final touch or easily sharpening your own tools.

PLAYmake drill press

Drill press

The drill allows for child-safe drilling in wood. The vibration of the drill bit ensures safety while still enabling the drilling of small holes.

Why work with wood?

Wood is a natural and sustainable material, and children can create wonderful workpieces with their own hands using PLAYmake 4in1. This activity engages all senses and fosters craftsmanship skills from an early age. Moreover, children learn about the characteristics of wood in a playful manner, unleashing their creativity. Playing with PLAYmake 4in1 enhances concentration, motor skills, and sensory perception, providing a counterbalance to the hectic and overwhelming digital media environment.

PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten WORKSHOP (801 200 EDUB)


  • an assembled PLAYmake jig-saw / sanding machine
  • an assembled PLAYmake woodlathe
  • a PLAYmake handdrill
  • 4 poplar-plywood sheets A4
  • 24 basswood dowels (17 pcs Ø20mm, 7 pcs Ø30mm)
  • PLAYmake Serviceset
  • 2 construction booklets
  • safety goggles

All packed in a handy storage box.

Find more details on our PLAYmake website.