PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten Set


PLAYmake is a realistic, fully operational crafting system for the youngest Do-It-Yourselfers.

Perfectly child-safe, sawing, wood turning, drilling and sanding become  child's play. Creativity and technical understanding are  encouraged.

Skillful youngsters can produce their first creations as early as their pre-school years.

    PLAYmake 4in1 Kindergarten WORKSHOP (801 200 EDUB)


    • an assembled PLAYmake jig-saw / sanding machine
    • an assembled PLAYmake woodlathe
    • a PLAYmake handdrill
    • 4 poplar-plywood sheets A4
    • 24 basswood dowels (17 pcs Ø20mm, 7 pcs Ø30mm)
    • PLAYmake Serviceset
    • 2 construction booklets
    • safety goggles

    All packed in a handy storage box.

    Find more details on our PLAYmake website.