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The cool tool Education

- where learning meets innovation!

Active and practice-oriented education with high-quality machines from The cool tool.


The cool tool Education

The company The Cool Tool specializes in machines for technical education, from kindergarten to university level. Since 1982, the company has been developing innovative products to provide learners of all ages with practical and safe access to the world of technology.

With The Cool Tool Education, learners can unleash their full potential and learn through access to high-quality, modular, and safe machines. Technology and material knowledge are taught in a sustainable and active manner, allowing learners to develop a deep understanding of these areas.

The know-how acquired with UNIMAT machines can later be applied in practice with industrial equipment. The machines are specifically designed for students to spark their early interest in STEM subjects.


With Unimat, technology becomes tangible and easily understood for people of all age groups. The act of creating something oneself serves as a catalyst in the process of turning information into knowledge. Techniques and their effects are taught in a sustainable and engaging manner, ensuring lasting comprehension and active learning.


The Cool Tool specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative machines for model making, design, prototyping, and education.

Numerous international awards confirm the uniqueness of these modular machine systems at the highest level.

Education products

Discover the suitable product for each level of education.

[Translate to English:] PLAYmake 4in1 workshop stichsäge


The mobile PLAYmake system for child-safe and playful creative lessons. Designed for the youngest crafters.

Grundschulset für die Holzbearbeitung


The entry into the world of UNIMAT for handicraft and creative lessons. Child-safe machines for projects made of wood.


[Translate to English:] Holzbearbeitung im Werkunterricht

Design & Technology

The next level of woodworking with UNIMAT ML machines. Designed for wood projects.

Technical Education

Professional and practical STEM education for metal and other materials.

[Translate to English:] CNC 4 Achsen mit Schülerin

Technical Education CNC

Mobile CNC System for the technical education of the future.

Makerspace concept

The perfect Makerspace for your next project.

The modular UNIMAT system

The modular system Unimat combines concepts like sustainability and lifelong learning in a playful and joy-filled form. The training system is modular as the machine components. 

From kindergarten to university - the basic elements can be utilized again and again. The UNIMAT system grows with the students experience and knowledge. From simple jig saw works in elementary school and first steps in engineering right up to working on 4 axis CNC machines - always the same modules.

Project ideas for school

Woodworking project

Countless great educational projects can be realized with UNIMAT machines.

An exciting project that teaches woodworking and basic technical understanding is the DIY wooden wind turbine.

The craft kit includes a solar module, and the accompanying plans enable the construction of various models related to solar power, wind turbines, and e-mobility. This combines woodworking with mechanics and electronics.

CNC Education project

Our CNC machines teach the connections between computer-aided design and manufacturing of selected components. Complex 3D models can be manufactured with computer control.

An example using the CNC milling machine is the production of a clamping block. This combines STEM applications such as measurement technology, design, and computer science with actual manufacturing on the CNC machine. The additional rotary table CNC transforms the 3-axis milling machine into a fully functional 4-axis milling machine.

Examples of UNIMAT in schools

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