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The cool tool Education

With Unimat technology can be made apperceptible and therefore conceivable. Creating something is an enabler when information is to be transformed into knowledge. Technique and its effects can be imparted sustainably and actively.

In basic school when crafting creatively with wood the early technical education takes centre stage but many positive side effects like an increase in motivation and enhanced motor function can be observed.

In higher age groups open access and therfore autonomous working are the main benefits for the students. The utilization possibilities of Unimat are not limited to technical education only, links to other subjects can be easily established.

One of the many learning goals is the proper use of the machines. Therefore we not only offer long warranty periods and extensive support but also assist students as well as teacher by providing example projects that allow for efficient teaching.

What is learned with Unimat can later on be applied on big machines.

For further information we are always at your disposal.
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The cool tool-Team


“One only apprehends what one can make himself,
and one only conceives, what he can create himself.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, own translation