Motor, Drive, Power

Unimat CNC Cross Slide

All parts are precisely machined.

Stepper motor: 2A

Travel: 50mm



Also available with travel 80mm for z-axis (164 068CNC)

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Unimat CNC Longitudial-slide 200mm

All parts are precisely machined.
Stepper motor: 2A
Travel: 145mm

Also available in 500mm (164 482CNC)

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[164480 CNC]

Unimat CNC Milling and Engraving Spindle
Speed2000 - 15000 rpm
Collet typeER11
Collets useable 1 - 6.35mm (1x 1/8" included)
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SandyBox CNC motion controller

SandyBox provides a realtime environment to run the CNC software. By connecting to it via USB the CNC software can be accessed easily and without…

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E-stop box manual

Push button module with integrated motor brake function, connector for Unimat adaptors.

(for model for UnimatCNC see accessories UnimatCNC)

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E-stop/Relay module CNC

with integrated Motor On/Off-Relay (for use of M3 and M5 commands), triggers/releases software emergency stop and head spindle motor brake


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Drive unit ML

Motor and headstock combination in robust metal housing.

Dimensions: 100x50x80 mm
DC 12V
Motor torque (approx. +50% compared to standard…

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End-swich set for 3 axis