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Accessories in Detail

TCTControl - the new CNC control

Control electronics incl motion control and pre-installed CNC software

TCTControl - our new series of controllers is now available!



Technical Specifications:

Client and drivers included for Win (7, 8, 10), OSX, Linux.


Number of Axes controllable:

4 (TCTCONT4, upgradeable to 6)

4+2 (TCTCONTP3D for UniPrint 3D)


IOs: 6x input for (limit/end) switches, 1x E-stop, 2x relays, 0-10V control signal

Board: 1GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB storage

Power supply: External, 110-240 V, 24 V, 5 A

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, WiFi (optional)


File types: ISO G-Code RS-274, DIN 66025


Tool path simulation mode: available

Training book for introduction to CNC and G-code programming: included