1 Woodturning Gouge

Replacement or spare woodturning gouge.

Same as the one that comes with the UNIMAT1 system.

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Jig Saw Blades 10 Pcs. for Unimat and PLAYmake

Universal blades for wood, plastics and metal.

Suitable for product lines: PLAYmake, Unimat1 and Unimat ML, Unimat Edu-Sets, Playmat

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Sanding Discs 10 Pcs.

Self adhesive corundum abrasives

Grain: 5pcs. 100 and 5pcs. 150

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Tool Grinder with Grinding Wheel

Indispensable for metal turning.

Easy grinding of the turning tool in the correct angle.

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3 Professional Woodturning Gouges

Professional turning knife set - Contains 3 different turning knives made of HSS steel.

Includes: Parting tool, roundnose scraper and common spindle…

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HSS Drill Set

20 pcs twist drills 1 - 4 mm in 0,5 mm steps

Each drill 2x

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Grinding Wheel

For regrinding turning gouges; grinding and sharpening various tools and knives.

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5 profil milling heads in wooden case

5 different profiles with 1/8 inch shaft. High quality steel.

Ideal for Doll houses, frames, fittings, ship modeling, etc. comes in a nice wooden…

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Milling Tool Set 3, 4, 5, 6 mm

HSS milling tools for processing wood, metals and plastic 

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Fly Cutter

For levelling of metals, construction of fittings or accurate steps. Or for production of square, hexagonal and octagonal pieces by using the dividing…

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Gear Milling Head

homemade gear wheels. Incl. Modul 0,5. + 1

necessary accessories for gear milling:

  • Art.Nr.162040 Dividing Attachment
  • Art.Nr.162030 Countershaft…
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HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs.

More technical data you can find in the enclosed flyer

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End mill set 1/8“ shank 10 pcs

10 pcs. Solid Carbide Bits two-flute end mills with 1/8 inch shank

5pcs 1.6mm, 5 pcs 2.0mm

Other sizes on request (0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 3.0mm, 1/8 inch…

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5 pcs. jig saw blades medium for 164080

5 pcs. of jig saw blades for the MetalLine jig saw with adjustable stroke

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Materials and Projects

Penmaker Set for 2 wooden Pens incl. Mandrel

Starter-kit incl. material and parts for 2 pens.

Instruction for assembly:
Assembly video wooden pen


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Modeling Instruction Book No. 1

Many models and projects with detailed plans from easy to difficult.

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Refill Kit for 3 Wooden Pens

Material and parts for 3 pens

Requires starter kit 163600  for Unimat
or 801600 for PLAYmake.

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Solar Models

3 Solar Kit projects

4x Poplar Plywood 210x297x4 mm (~Letter size)

(plywood, motor, solar cell)

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Pen press

Pen press for easy assembling of wooden pens.

Perfect for workshops with our pen sets (163600) and (163700), for faster assembling of the pens.

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Special milling foam

Special milling foam

25x25x50 mm, medium density for 3D projects on multiacis machines (packing units 30 pcs.)

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Special colored Acrylic

50x50x3 mm, usable for milling

(cast acrylic - not extruded)

(packing unit 30 pcs.)

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Spring element

This material package includes:

Ø 12mm aluminium rod, spring, retaining washer, manual with plan (for metal lathe)

Packing unit 15 pcs.


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Wood ledge

This material package includes wood ledges (15x10x170 mm) for the edu-project "Zinken/Nuten fräsen"

packing unit 30 pcs.

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Corian (artificial stone)

In this material package included:

Corian (artificial stone)

50x50x12 mm

packing uni 15 pcs.

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Jeweller wax

In this package included:

Jeweller wax (Ø 33x70 mm), ideal for milling and turning, without cooling

Packing unit 10 pcs

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In this material package included:

Aluminium (Ø 12x100mm,  with center drilled machinable alloy

Packing unit 15 pcs.

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Wooden pens blank maple 15 pcs.

In this material package included:

Wooden pens blank made out of maple, includes the pen twist mechanism and pen mine.

Packing unit 15 sets (15…

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Penmaker Starter Set, pack of 8 pcs

This material package includes:

Penmaker Starter Set = Clamping kit with mandrel and the components for 2 pens.

Packing unit 8 sets (8x clamping kit…

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Lime tree / bass wood

This material package includes:

Lime tree / bass wood Ø30 x 90mm, with center drilled for easier fixation of the wood.

Usable for a wide range of…

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Beech wood

This material package includes:

Beech wood Ø30 x 90mm, with center drilled for easier fixation of the wood.

Usable for a wide range of projects:…

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Beech rods

This material package includes:

Beech rods Ø6 x 150mm

Usable for a wide range of projects: Miniature work, dollhouses, wooden jewelery

Packing unit…

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Poplar plywood

This material package includes:

Poplar plywood plates, 4mm thick, 210 x 297 mm

Packing unit 30 pcs.

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Egg cup blank

This material package includes:

Egg cup blank made out of maple Ø45,5 x 65mm,

The kit enables you to produce your own egg cups easily.

Packing unit…

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Salt- and pepper shaker blank

This material package includes:

Salt- and pepper shaker blank made out of maple  Ø44 x 98mm.

The wooden blanks are already pre-carved on the inside…

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This material package includes:

Cherrywood dovels Ø30 x 90mm, with center drilled for easier fixation of the wood.

Usable for a wide range of…

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Walnut wood

This material package includes:

Walnut wooden dovels Ø30 x 95mm, with center pre-drilled for easier fixation of the wood.

Usable for a wide range of…

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Didactic documentation technics

Didactic documentation booklet

Included in this bookles are theoretical instructions for truning, milling, sawing, drilling, sanding and material,…

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Wooden pens blank walnut

This material package includes:

Wooden pen blanks inclusive the pen mine and components to build 15 pens.

15 Wooden pens made out of walnut


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For chucking of square workpieces or eccentric chucking.
The jaws can be moved individually and reversed to achieve a larger chucking range.


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Face plate steel

a durable and accurate accessory

Ø 49mm

universal use for sanding or turning wood or
metals pieces affixed to the plate.
e.g. for turning of egg…

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Micro Clamp

easy to use one hand clamp

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2 position tool post
  • 2 position tool post, for 3.5 - 8 mm tool body height
  • incl height adjustment plates and fastening parts
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Precision Live Center

Grinded center in two special ball bearings enables higher accuracy and better stability.

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10 Precision Metal Collets

This brass collets allow for improved grip, durability and precision.

Diameters: 1mm, 1.5 mm, 2mm, 2.35mm, 3mm, 1/8" (= 3.175mm), 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm,…

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Drill chuck

Clamping range 0.6 to 6 mm


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Clamping Kit ML

For fixation of various parts on the ML cross-slide or ML saw/sanding table ML (164080)

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Power and Drive

Power Drive Unit

The power drive for bigger and harder workpieces.

Not only provides more power for existing applications, but also lets you expand and upgrade your…

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12V Distribution Cabinet with 5 outlets and 2 cables

Combine several UNIMAT 12V adapters into one power source.

Drive up to 5 motors at the same time.

Ideal for the Power Drive Unit (art. 162 320).

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Connection cable with banana plugs

For connecting Variable power adaptor (161410) or third-party power supplies to the UNIMAT 12V Distribution Cabinet (Art. 162 492).

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[Out Cab]

Unimat ML Countershaft

Precisely machined metal profiles and covers increase the accuracy and stability of the countershaft.

Ideal combination with Tailstock Full Metal…

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Variable Power Adaptor 12V

Thyristor adjust adaptor incl. 162 491 + Outcab

Input: 230V, 50-60Hz, 85W

Output: 12V, 5A

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Unimat CNC-rotating axis incl. stepper motor

Precisely machined metal profiles and covers increase the accuracy and stability of the CNC-rotary-attachment.

Toothed belt reduction: 2 (18:36 -…

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[164300 CNC]

Unimat CNC Cross Slide

All parts are precisely machined.

Stepper motor: 2A

Travel: 50mm



Also available with travel 80mm for z-axis (164 068CNC)

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Unimat CNC Longitudial-slide 200mm

All parts are precisely machined.
Stepper motor: 2A
Travel: 145mm

Also available in 500mm (164 482CNC)

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[164480 CNC]

E-stop box manual

Push button module with integrated motor brake function, connector for Unimat adaptors.

(for model for UnimatCNC see accessories UnimatCNC)

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Service Parts

Unimat Spare Part List

Unimat spare parts like belts, screws, connectors, etc incl exact part number can be found in this list.

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Ressource Kit UNIMAT 1 + MetalLine

Ressource package for UNIMAT 1 or MetalLine machines

This material packet includes spare parts for the machine kits.


Sanding discs


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Extensions and Further

Safety goggle

Very light safety googles with transparent frame and bracket - unisex. Suitable for students.

Combines comfort with reliable protection.

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Rotary Table

Ẃith 2,5° Scale and fixing screw for accurate adjustement of slides or any other machine components in the desired angle.

diameter 49mm 

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Machine bed extra long 460mm

Also available in 1000mm (162401)

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Circular Saw complete Set inc.1 Sawblade

Set consists of:

  • table
  • sawblade protection
  • circle sawblade
  • length stop device
  • sawblade adapter
  • mitring fence

Everything can be adjusted precisely by the…

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Precision Milling Attachment for PowerLine

The Stop is fully made of metal and can be mounted easily.

Therefore the PowerLine now provides a circular saw (also for miter cutting), a…

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Unimat ML Riserblock

Ideal as intermediate part for remodeling and special machines.

  • extra strong profile
  • 50x50x25 mm dimensions
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Special machine bed 330mm

Special reinforced profile for a higher twist resistant.

colour: silver

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Unimat ML Cross Slide

travel 35 mm with adjustable handwheel scale - laser engraved division 0.05 mm

thread: M6/1

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Flexible shaft

suitable for Unimat 1, Unimat ML und Unimat PowerLine

for PLAYmake and Playmat only in combination with item [901460]

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Steady Rest

provides a means of supporting long, slender parts and long pieces of bar stock

or to drill a center hole in the end of a long shaft (center drill…

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TCTControl 4-Axis Controller

Control electronics incl motion control and pre-installed CNC software

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CNC-Upgrade Set-4

CNC-Ugrade Package for up to 4 CNC axes

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