Sample project for using a micro:bit in combination with a wood lathe, an industrial DRO style application, Student 9yrs old, Vienna, Austria

U3M - Unimat | Microbit | Machine | Monitor

When working with a machine one should not only develop an understanding of the process, but also be able to identify problems with the machine itself early.

Visual inspection is important, also noise level and other factors can tell if the machine is operating just fine - or not. But some parameters cannot easily be monitored by the machine operator, or it is simply more convenient to have sensors do this job.

Aim of the U3M project is to equip a Unimat1 wood lathe with plenty of different sensors connected to a micro:bit, develop a simple systems of key indicators and symbols and a program code to display the machine status on the micro:bit LED matrix.

example code for this project2

Please also see the comments at certain points in the code to understand indicators and values.

Feel free to download the code to your micro:bit to play with it, adapt it, optimize values or add more sensors.


Indicators so far:

C ... Cleanliness
determining the cleanliness of the lathe with a KY-018 photo resistor placed below the tool rest.

T ... Temperature
measuring the temperature of the Unimat motor with a TMP36 sensor.

E ... Energy
measuring voltage to observe power supply and detect issues.

Possible Extensions:

A ... Ambient Light
Proper ambient lighting is important for safety.
Using a second photo resistor?

H ... Humidity
Is the humidity level in your workshop ideal to operate a machine?
Which sensor to use?

anything else?
add a buzzer for audio signals, external LED ... ?
any other ideas for more sensors and measurements?